AWS DeepRacer Community

A community of AWS DeepRacer enthusiasts established to share ideas and questions, helping to expand our collective knowledge! We have the biggest collection of AWS League winners, ready and willing to share their expertise with others! Join the conversation on Slack today:

About Us

We are a group of DeepRacing Enthusiasts

The AWS DeepRacer Community was founded by Lyndon Leggate following the AWS London Summit 2019. It was started with the initial intention of carrying on the fantastic discussion had with the other top 10 winners at that Summit. It was hoped that people would continue to share ideas, problems and frustrations. The community has since grown into so much more and has become a great place for beginners and advanced racers alike! But at its heart, it is a productive and collaborative community. We have become one of AWS' most successful community groups and we now have direct lines of communication to various AWS teams. This is testament to this community's efforts, particularly a core team who diligently respond to nearly every question raised. Join in the conversation on Slack today!